A Call to Wisconsin

22 Feb

There once was a time we could bargain
but now that’s communist jargon
the private sector knows best
the worth of the rest
so shut up or he’ll call the guardsmen

-Davin Haukebo-Bol

I was talking with my friend Davin yesterday morning about what’s going on in his home state of Wisconsin. He’s gone out to Madison to protest the governor’s budget which, among other goals, wants to end collective bargaining, or negotiations between employers and employees (which reminds me of this This American Life episode, where it was specifically collective bargaining that created the prosperous country which Barbados is now. It has the highest per capita incomes in the region.)

Davin told me to get up to Madison and see it for myself. I still may do that, but today, I was lucky enough to make it to a local rally organized in part by the Graduate Employees Organization, Campus Faculty Association, among others. Here are videos I captured there.

60,000 people gathered on the capitol
8,000 people in the capitol building
600 slices of pizza purchased by people from around the U.S. and the world for the protestors
-fun facts from the rally

Davin: people from other states have been ordering pizzas and having them delivered to the capital, for the protesters to eat
me: lol omg that’s really cool
Davin: I even heard that people in Egypt have order pizzas
this stuff makes up 90% of my facebook news feed
You can still support the local effort. The GEO and other organizers will hold vigils and a labor film festival at the University YMCA as long until the budget bill in Madison is defeated. Stop by to hang out and show your support and even host an event.

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